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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 6, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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never. >> the news continues. ♪ ♪ . >> you are watching al jazeera. also coming up, burying the dead the civilian victims caught up in the fight for the an bar province. hundreds of refugees rescued from a boat that sank off the libyan coast on wednesday arrived in sicily. and why western food imimportants are being seized and destroyed in russia.
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behind aan tack which targets personnel. 15 days in the explosion which took place in anbar that is a town in the outregion. very close here to the border with yemen a country that's been at war for months now. at least nine soldiers were injuried and have been treated in local hospitals. isil has claimed responsible for a suicide attack which killed won't one people. from inside the mosque center here a ministry official telling news agencies that the bomb targeted police is they are in the middle of their prayers it is the deadliest attack since they appeared in the country last year.
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let's hear from analyst and the saudi gay set he says he must be targeted at his source. >> the more we attack them, in north syria and iraq, the more we fire their differences and the thinking, the literature, that the people that -- the supporters the more they would try to fight back. and here we go again. now they attack us this time and we need to go to the sources, the sources and the resources of this groups. otherwise the demonstrators will keep coming. >> joining us now on the phone, from riyadh. why would isil want to up it's number of the attacks the intensity on saudi
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arabia in particular, do you think? >> . >> sabia arabian army, are an infidel army. it is a major escalation, it is the worst terrorist attack ever in saudi arabia. i am not undermining previous attacks but it is targeting sunni soldiers in a mosque, it is what isis claimed it is protecting. it is fighting for. it is fighting the nonmuslim it is fighting the shia. but here it is now moving after the seam people whom isis claim it is standing for. the same people whom they are rooted from, so that is a major attack, and that is in
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my opinion, it is the extreme -- the most extreme secretaryism. we need to understand that concept. declare all of us as infidels or the fighting will escalate. unless if we join isis. where do you go, glymph the amount of funding for them. comes from gulf countries? >> i don't think there's an easy answer for that. i see it as a very long term battle. it is result of our mes takes in the past. over 100 years of mistakes. over failed arab states. of the break up of arab systems. the arab spring, we are
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paying for that. and it is going to take office long time, maybe a decade or more, to finish with isis. but my -- in my opinion and there would be other opinions i think our number one is chaos. it is what is fueling the head and anger and what is providing the materials for isis. so i think we should go up and put our house in order and what i mean by our house is our extended house. yemen, -- some government working. thats han't happened yet. >> thank you for allowing us -- talking to us. >> the situation is mounting in iraq over the deteriorating security
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situation. the rising numbers of civilians caught up in h the battle against isil such as anbar. mohammad. using his report this time. in falujjah, bullets and bombs don't discriminate. >> the residents say the young are now just as likely as a target as the old. >> the fighting. >> look at this, this happened as a result of artillery shelling by the army today. look at this, are we terrorists are these innocent children waging war. this is my daughter, she is dead now. what did she do to deserve this. >> many parents who thought
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the hardest trial would be surviving this are now faced with a far crueler fate, surviving. we are in a dire situation here outside the city limits my son here, has a small hole. she was a year and two months old, this is our kaneau. we want medication, and proper surgery. >> even hospitals are caught in the cross fire. question are not treating terrorists we are treating young babies. >> instead just days later this sanctuary was turn intoed a casualty of war.
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here moments after being shelled, the hospitals corridors lined with broken glass, as smoke billowed through the air. a medic searches for injured patients and wounded colleagues. >> homes are no safer. in this video a man decries the killing of an entire family, enranged at officials he says are providing them with more destruction, than protection. walking through the house he says was destroyed by government bombing raids he points out all the blood stains. where is isil in here? are young children affiliated with isil? more expressions of pain come from this graveyard where two sister as mother and aunt all killed are layed to rest. while the anbar offensive may have start add few weeks ago for residents war is all too
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familiar. for over a decade the city has been the scene of insurgencies and counter insursies many there feel caught in a seemingly never entering conflict. >> iraqi government leader whose have scrowed to defeat isil and the rest of the province, say they have arrived at the moment of truth. families in falujjah worry that promises only means they will face more fighting and the reality will become far more harrowing. >> al jazeera there have been three battles after local resistence. fighters broke into a prison, and three day name tees saying it helped to release 25 people who had been captured by forces. the third largest city and it has been under houthis control since march. the united nations says the number of refugees and other migrants crossing into europe, this year said 224,000.
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the figure that was released had almost 400 survivors of wednesday's ship wreck in the mediterranean. were brought ashore. and an irish navy ship docked in the italian port, and it is estimated more than 200 may have drowned when their fishing boat capsized off the coast of libya although only 25 have been recovered so far. this update was sent from sicily. >> i don't know if you can see this behind me, there is a hearse waiting for one of the coffins. we have seen a number of hearses taking the bodies in, and all the 367 survivors have disembarked, the ship is the same, airish navy ship that picked them up, and answered the first distress call yesterday. now, they were given first aid, food, shoes and anything they needed immediately, of course, it will then be distributed
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across the reception centers across italy. but, of course, these are people who are seriously traumatized. they went through a serious life threatening situation we don't even know how many people died for real, we know that 25 people have been drowned have been pulled from the sea, and have been taken on the same ship barnabie phillips is there. >> it has become a refugee camp. hundreds of people from afghanistan, above all are here we understand that there have also been some syrians as well. it's a traffic illustration of the greek states figure it's inability to cope with the numbers of people who are coming into this country at a time of economic crisis. and they are not all young men, by no means. they are also many women and
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many children here, and this is not a comfortable place to be in the middle of summer, in which temperatures in central athens can reach close to 40 degrees celsius there's little running water available, and few toilet facilities. now although the camp has been here for a month there's a constant change of, in terms of who is sleeping here. typically groups come in the they have come from turkey, and then through the greek islands they arrive, and they only stay here for two or three days and then they make their way north heading towards serbia, hungry, into the e.u. and then more people come to take their place. what is the greek state doing to help these people? what help is available here is coming from local
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nongovernmentsies and from the activists in the city from athens including amos groups. be the municipality has said that it is acceptable. that temporary housing will be made available be i the greek army on the edge and the western edge of the city. >> barnabie fill ups there now, ahead on this program no closure unfortunately relatives protest in china many not believing that part of the missing plane has been found. and according to peace in the city, japan remembers hiroshima.
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>> these are the headlines. in saudi arabia, isil says it was behind an attack in which at least 15 members of the military were killed. a suicide bomber targeting a mosque used by army personnel. in iraq, the number of civilians killed in the fight is rising. anbar province one of the worst hit in the hospitals there. and survivors of wednesday's ship wreck have been arriving in italy. more than 400 were arrest bed i the irish navy but an estimated 200 drowned. the first vessels massed
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through the newly widened canal. president ceci dressed here, led the lavish ceremony, attended by a delegation including the presidents of france russia. >> $8.5 billion it cost, allowing ships to pass each other without waiting in a one-way system. >> russia's cracking down on food import, a year long embargo on western produce. moscow banned imports on retaliation to sanctions imposed. after it annexed crimea, banned good willed be destroyed where they are found, in shops or at bloodier crossings. reports some have been sneaking through. these youngs women are on a mission to protect unsuspecting shoppers. a year on from moss cue's embargo on many western foods, it's still possible to find banned products in the shops. and an offend oing packet of
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nuts is discovered and the manager is given a lecture on correct retail ethics. this item is banned by origin and are duction. >> reprimand fin thished the nuts are tags. >> it is not a crime only importing them is. the city can only mark them with stickers, warning shoppers of such goods this one says sanctioned product and it has a picture of the stars and stripes of the united states, the golden stars of the european union and standing in front of them a russian bear. >> set to promote the con suns of domestic produce has the appearance of a grass roots pressure group. but critics say they are carefully nurtured by the kremlin. >> we presented this project at the youth forum and majority liked it.
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it is also important that customers are behind us. >> they have raids on russian super markets have coincided with the move by the government to get tough on embargo busting. the new presidential decree orders the disinstruction of all seized food, this footage was filmed by the federal customer service and shows some of the 550 tons of banned foods crossing the border this year. at least 800 violations have been registered in recent months. who knows the loopholes and tricks that have allowed embargo products to get in. >> there are three ways to bring food from sanctioned countries, first food is repacked zoning, goods to other countries get lost en route, third the documents are fake. >> but finding goods in
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russia shops is the exception, rather than the rule. in the main banned products have been replaced with russian food or imports from nonembargo countries. and for now, at least the dramatic price increase triggered p i that process appear to be tailing off a little consolation for any russian still mourning the limited choice the cheese counter offers. chinese relatives say they simply don't believe reports that debris from the missing jet has been found. malaysian government says part of an aircraft ring that washed up is from the boeing triple seven. which disappeared during a flight from kuala lumpur last year. many of the 239 who vanished with it, were chinese. adrian brown reports from beijing. for 16 months their emotions
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have someone between dispair and hope. so by barging into the offices they may have felt they had nothing to lose. the announcement from malaysia's government brings neither closure nor comfort to the families. some even believe that the wreckage was planted on reunion island. >> it is not true. a lot of things would have been easy to find, but they didn't find them. like the chairs, baggage, and other stuff that is much lighter. >> during this time, we cannot leave anything. because aircraft had a g.p.s. the airline doesn't want us to know the truth. that's why we cannot leave them. they want answers this was not a protest against the government, which is why it was allowed to happen. one placard appealed for help
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from the president by coincidence, his foreign minister is in malaysia attending a regional conference. >> and search should continue we agree be malaysia that we should find out the truth. >> quite what the next phase is far from clear. analysis shows search teams looking in the right area, but it is aviation area of ocean the prime minister though is hopeful. >> it suggests that for the first time we might be closer to solving this mystery. >> and malaysia's prime minister is now adamant to the wreckage did come from nh 370. >> i must tell you.
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>> found the reunion violence. is indeed from image 370. >> experts in france where it is being examined are though more reserved in their conclusions. >> in the experts view we can say there are very strong presumptions is that belong clearly to mh 370. >> emotional. given by a senior airline manager there will be many questions but undoubtly not enough answers. adrian brown, beijing. >> landslides in the port have killed more than 90, at least 35 more are still missing.
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aid agencies say they are struggling to reach those people who need help. in areas effected by the earthquake in april, al jazeera people in the district say this latest disaster could have been avoidedded. >> shocks by the death of loved ones mowners in the village in west nepal line-up for a memorial service. in the early hours of july 30th, villagers woke up to a rumbling sound be i the time they walked out of their homes part of the village has already been swept away by a massive landslide. 27 people died, one is still missing. feared dead. >> an entire village is in grief. when she came back from visiting her relatives she found that she had lost everything, mum, brothers, sisters, all six of them. neighbors hope that her dad a migrant worker in qatar comes
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back soon. i asked her if she needed anything. the thick smell of death of rotting flesh is heavy here. all the cattle that were bury under debris have not been pulled out. >> this area gets the highest amount of rain, now a study in 1995 says that sections of this mountain is made of very lose soil, and when running water percolated it, it makes the entire mountain side fragile. >> 35 hectors of forest were swept away, a major cause is the half hazard building of new roads. >> the development activities have to be done keeping possible disasters in mind, and making sure those don't happen. but here even though environmentalist assessments are done for infrastructure
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development, suggestions are not carrying through risking people's lives. >> more areas are in danger, where at least 35 people have died. across that pap, floods and landslides have killed more than 90 people already this monsoon. and as usual people weren't prepared. on the day of the landslide he was buzzsy pulling out the goo injured. >> we never knew this area was dangerous now we are being told this entire village is in danger, it isn't like asking one family to move, the whole village has to move. where will they go now? we are grieving here, everything including our grief is here. houses are perched precariously, many rain than they have in decades. locals say had there been a warning seasonal this could have been avoidedded. al jazeera.
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in that pan. >> thousands have been marking the 70th anniversary of the nuclear attack on the japanese city hiroshima. these lanterns were lit and let to flow down the river to remember the pommings 100 and fort thousand victims. al jazeera is there. >> now they surround him in recent years he has been committing his members of the pomming to canvas memories dominated by the image of a baby in a pile of bodies seen as he searched the city for missing relatives. >> the baby was facing up, with it's armed extended like this for me, this baby represented the bomb, and i remember it vividly. it seemed as if someone had placed it there such
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cruelty. the bomb that burned the city designated in the skies above it at 8:15 on the morning of august the 6th 1945. a minute of silence. and a message from japan's prime minister that the one country to be attacked with nuclear weapons would continue to work for their eradication. >> japan intends to renew it's efforts to bring about a world without nuclear weapons. >> the aircraft that delivered barely imaginable destruction on hiroshima was named after the pilot's mother. the bomb it was carrying little boy. for the u.s. it was a strike that safed lives shortens the second world war for the people of hiroshima it is a visitation of held. tens of thousands died, it
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rose to 140,000 by tend of the year. but rich are shim ma didn't cease to exist, and the city was rebuilt. >> and to praise japan's pacifist constitution, while the prime minister who wants to losen the restrictions on his military willsens on. a reminder if needed that the second world war are still influencing politics today. the average age is past 80 for the first time this year, organizers say will it be the last major anniversary in which significant numbers of them remain alive the last opportunity to pass on their experiences for future generations. >> many are doing just that. hiroshima peace park, beneath the ruined dome that stands in permanent memorial, and in his case, through ratter.
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he says his old school friends convinced him to paint the horrors he carried in hi mind before it was too late, now he says they are all dead, and there's nobody left to tell him that he did them proud. >> more as in syria, rebels train by the u.s. military are now refusing to fight, and it is a major embarrassment for the obama administration. this is a big night for the republican field the candidates are gathering in cleveland and then the main clash in prime time. plus. >> he was too good for this wicked world.